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Well, just the fact that, you know, four albums in five years is quite a lot. I guess it's just weird because I feel like, by this point, I know the process and this time, writing this record I've been in a calmer place. Even though it's all my blood, sweat, and tears into, it's been less of the having everything around me be chaos for me to be able to write.

It's a new experience of being able to write emotional songs while being in a happy place, which I feel like I didn't really believe in before. It's a special feeling because it's the first album I've written that I feel like it has the same amount of substance and depth and emotions and everything, but without me needing to be in a chaotic place in my life to be able to write it.

That's what's special about it. I'm curious, did the album title come first or did the lynx character come first? Or how did those pieces play with each other? It was kind of a simultaneous thing, where I thought, I want to have it elevated every new album. What would I want to add to the art? I wanted to add an extra element, and since I had the lynx tattoo on my hand, and my fans had copied it, with little drawings, they'd incorporate it.

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Because it's in my name [lynx is lo in Swedish], it's kind of been my spirit animal since I was little, I knew that I wanted to do some kind of character based on it. But the fact that the title and character was going to be kind of one and the same, that came together when I changed up the title. I was like, "This is it, that should be my little friend. The album is like a soundtrack to the lynx. There's been so many different ways, but I definitely had an idea of wanting an individual element playing a character, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was going to be yet, so I think that once I had the title, it was kind of like, "Ah!

Of course! That's so cute. And, obviously, I have to know what it was like working with Kylie Minogue on "Really don't like u. Even when I'm driving, I have to dance to it. Aww yay, car dance. It was amazing. It was a very surreal moment for me, and it goes back to when I released Lady Wood [in ] and I posted a picture of me with my lyric book, because I write all my lyrics with pen and paper.

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And she commented like, "Oh, yeah, she's a pen and paper girl. So, that was one of those screenshot and save in my folder of memories. I was thinking, "At least now I know she knows who I am, maybe she'd be down to meet me. Very, very iconic.

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She just said, "I would love to write with you sometime. That would be fun. So, when I was writing this record, kind of in my mind was, "It would be so cool to have a song with her. I just really felt like I could hear her voice on there, and maybe she'd be into the contrast and the tone, and it kind of had a bit of a Kylie essence to it. I sent it to her and was like, "I love this!

It was a very communal experience. She's really cool, we had the back and forth, and she's been really easy to work with. And like "Oh, I love this lyric video idea. What if I sing karaoke to you?

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  4. Would that be cool? I would say that sometimes you just have to let the album be what it is. I can't really force it in any direction. Whatever I'm feeling is what I'm going to write about. So accepting that and going with that and not questioning it too much. And that's what will make it effortless. It will feel effortless, if that makes sense. I think it was a good feeling to have to do something so conceptual and so deep and long as Lady Wood was, and especially, maybe only short term, being so committed to keeping it in one world.

    That was a really amazing and hard experience. And I think, for this record, I managed to reflect where I am right now. Because we're able to move and represent wherever I was during that time, I can't try to redo that.

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    I need to write from the space I'm at which at the moment is very kind of impulsive and playful. Kind of doing without thinking, I guess.

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    And that's been really, fun. I think I need to get that tattooed on my wrists. Just do it, don't think. It's kind of like that. Just let it be what it is. Just let it happen. And then, you're going to be bringing the Sunshine Kitty Tour to the U. What are you most looking forward to about this tour? As much as I love playing festivals, because I just love the vibe and I play to huge crowds and get new fans, and see other acts, you kind of just go.

    There's no preparation. I love the pulse of that, but there's something so special about playing your own headline show, where it can be almost two hours long and you have a cool connection to the crowd. I'm just really looking forward to [planning] this right now, and I'm reading through the comments to see what everyone wants to hear, their requests.

    I've really given the show a story arc, a dramatic curve that I want to take the crowd on. I love bringing it together. I'm excited to go out and be a box and see my fans, and yeah kind of be in that bubble, which I love. It's vocally kind of challenging and it's a fun challenge.

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    I'm looking forward to performing that one and then just hearing the crowd just belting it as good as they can, just like screaming it back in my face. So, looking forward to that one. And then, I'm really looking forward to playing "Are U gonna tell her," because we're creating a really, really cool lighting thing with that, and it's probably my two top live ones, I think. It got me hooked on Kurt Cobain 's voice. And then the real Nirvana fans, were like, "Oh, he hated doing that show, he didn't want to play Unplugged, I can't believe you have that album.

    And the first concert that I ever went to was Robyn in Vossenberg.

    I was I didn't understand anything about music and so I heard they were sound checking, and we went to the festival area early. I can't remember what the festival was called, I kind of remember watching her sound check and thinking that it was the show. I'm just standing there and nobody was there, and she was talking "hey guys, turn up the mic," as I'm staring and taking pictures of her. Being like "Does nobody know that she's playing right now?

    That's also amazing. I have yet to see Robyn, so I'm jealous of year-old you. She's awesome. When you were younger was there an artist that you admired or loved, that made you want to go into music? Someone that helped you switch from being just a fan to "Oh maybe I can do this".

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    I mean [Robyn] was definitely one of those. I was like "She's been around in music since so young. I can maybe also do that. I just loved the embracing darkness, that was very appealing to me. So yeah, I would say her too.

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