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Writing a Dissertation Proposal

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Thesis Title Proposal Brainstorm

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Similar Things Between the Dissertation and Thesis

Observe the following structure for your thesis proposal: Title page Abstract Table of contents Introduction Thesis statement Approach and methodology Preliminary results and discussion Work plan including time table Implications of research List of references Appendices It is important to justify the significance of the proposed research, describe the method for investigation you will use, and develop a sequence of steps which will lead toward an objective and logical conclusion.

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Here, you would need to make the necessary corrections to some of the sections presented during the proposal stage. For example, you might have to fine-tune your research questions and objectives based on the data you have gathered or what you have found during the research process.

The Scope and Limitations of the Study section in Chapter 1 would now have to be included in Chapter 3. Another section, Organization of the Study, must be added in Chapter 1. Check the figure below for the main parts of a thesis. Variations from the general format can be decided with your adviser.

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Figure 1: Main parts of a thesis or dissertation. If this chapter is generally brief, presenting the results, and explaining and interpreting them can be combined in one chapter. Otherwise, the Results and Discussion section should be in separate or defined sections or chapters. Start with a brief introduction of this chapter. Results : answers to the research questions which are generated from the collected data. Your opinion should not be included when presenting the results. Descriptive or frequency statistical results of all variables must be reported first before specific statistical tests e.

For instance, the profile of participants or respondents, or characteristics of the sample is presented first if available. Specific quotes from interviews must be presented under a specific theme or sub-theme in the same way results from focus group discussions are reported.

When reporting results from observations, present the conversation, behavior or condition you have noticed first. Then, write your comments. Discussion : explains the meaning of the results presented in specific sections and links them to previous research studies. It explains why the findings are weak, strong or significant, and their limitations. A further review of the literature might be required to enhance the discussion of results.

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End each chapter with a summary. Introduce this chapter.

Thesis VS Dissertation 7 Differences and Similarities

First, refer back to the problem or topic that you have presented in Chapter 1 and what you hoped to achieve at the beginning of the research. The research questions you tried to answer must also be reviewed in this chapter as well as your hypotheses, if applicable. It is important to also reexamine the methodology followed in the research and show how the objectives were achieved or were not achieved with the application of different methods and techniques.

End this chapter with some reflections and final words.

When all the chapters have been finalized, you are now ready to prepare the abstract. It is written in the form of a summary, describing briefly the research problem, the aims of the research, the methods used to achieve them, and the main findings and conclusions. Although the abstract is very short approximately paragraphs , it can be considered as the most significant part of your thesis or dissertation. The abstract provides a general impression of what your research is about, and allows other researchers to have a broad understanding of your work.

When applying for conferences, your abstract is assessed by an organizing committee for relevance and quality. Make sure to create an impact—write an impressive abstract. Language Center Asian Institute of Technology. Search Search. Points to keep in mind: Research is a process which involves a lot of thinking, planning and writing.

Take note of the following verb tenses when writing your chapters: Introduction Chapter 1 Simple present and future tense Literature Review Chapter 2 Present but mostly past Methodology Chapter 3 Present but mostly future Your advisor is your ally. Subheadings and what they mean: Background — What is the context of this problem? In what situation or environment can it be observed? Provide sufficient information for the readers to understand the topic you are researching about.

Statement of the Problem — What is it that we do not know? What is the gap in our knowledge this research will fill? What needs to be improved? Rationale or Justification of the Study — Why is this research important? Who will benefit? Why do we need to know this? Research Questions — W hat is it that you want to find out?

Objectives — What steps will the researcher take to try and fill this gap or improve the situation?

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Relate them to the research problem. Break down a general objective into minor, connected parts specific objectives. Specific objectives should systematically address the different research questions, and specify what you will do in your study, where and for what purpose. Is there any aspect of the problem the researcher will not discuss?

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Assumptions — In considering the methods, model, formulation or approach, are there important conditions or states that the researcher takes to be true? The research problem is a part of the conceptual framework that you will build based on the existing theories and research. The Literature Review In this chapter and in the succeeding chapters of your thesis or dissertation , you need to write an introductory paragraph or paragraphs that show the following: 1.

Study area Sampling Methods of data collection —primary and secondary data Variables Measurements and scaling techniques Processing and data analysis Ethical considerations Timeline Research budget The last section is the Chapter Summary.

Writing a dissertation

The Final Chapters of your Thesis At this stage, you have already collected as much data as you can and are ready to process and analyze such a huge amount of information. Abstract When all the chapters have been finalized, you are now ready to prepare the abstract. Chapter 1. Simple present and future tense.