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Payment Apps Developer Guide. Web Push Notifications. Video and Audio Playback. Playback Control with Media Source Extensions. Capture and Record. Manipulating Media Files. Loading Performance.

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Get Started. Optimizing Content Efficiency. Optimizing JavaScript. Never Load the Same Resource Twice. Web Storage. Lazy Loading Resources. Order Loading Thoughtfully. Critical Rendering Path.

Web Performance Optimization with webpack. Rendering Performance. Audit your site. Encrypting Data In Transit. Preventing Mixed Content. Help, I've been hacked. Assess spam damage. Base Technologies.

How To Create Website Using HTML CSS Bootstrap - Responsive Website Tutorial

Web Components. Service Workers. Catch all the content and more! To learn more, check out the Chrome Dev Summit website. Fast - It responds quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling. Reliable - Load instantly and reliably, never showing the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions. Engaging - Keeps the user coming back to the app with beautifully designed experiences that look and feel natural.

Critical Rendering Path Rendering Performance. We cover how to use all the built in styles as well as how to create custom styling. In this seminar we discuss how to use the advanced tools in Agility to customize the arrangement and layout of various templates.

Learn Thesis Theme 2.3 Basics

This means that folks using Agility in Thesis 2. I demonstrate an upgrade process in this seminar that should help Agility owners upgrade their sites. Here we introduce a fix for that problem: the WooCommerce Thesis Integrator plugin. In this seminar, we show how to install WooCommerce and set up its pages and templates. Then we show how to install the Integrator plugin and configure Thesis 2 to use it. Finally, we look at ways to customize the look and feel of the site using Thesis 2 tools.

27 Things to Put on Your Dev / Design Portfolio

These videos are available to the public. MarketPress is a powerful and simple ecommerce plugin that is especially good at selling physical products. In this seminar I demonstrate how use MarketPress with Thesis 2. I demonstrate the various boxes and packages available for customizing the appearance of the MarketPress store using the familiar Thesis 2 tools. Learn how to use basic WordPress and Thesis 2. This is especially useful if you have specific testimonials related to specific services. We walk you through each of the steps so that you can display lists of testimonials and related testimonials.

DIYThemes has recently released a group of boxes that enable you to add social media links and email sign up boxes to your Thesis 2 site. In this seminar we download and install each of the boxes and look at the configuration for each. We demonstrate how to create a highly customized AWeber opt-in form in a feature box in Thesis 2. We then show how to add a background image to the form, add and style a submit button and style the form fields.

This is an intermediate level seminar due to the amount of time we spend working with and refining the css code. We demonstrate how to create a highly customized MailChimp opt-in form in a feature box in Thesis 2.

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  6. In this seminar we show how to create a simple, clean menu with no drop downs for a Thesis 2 website just like the menu you see on the apple. We take you through the steps of adjusting menu item widths so they spread evenly across the page, creating a gradient background using your own color scheme in ColorZilla and adding border and radius to the menu. We demonstrate how to create this type of menu in our Agility Nude skin but you can do this in any Thesis 2 skin.

    This seminar demonstrates how to create, style and add content to a landing page using the Agility skin but these lessons can easily apply to other skins as well. We recreate a landing page example from www. One powerful aspect of Thesis 2 is its ability to easily take advantage of custom post types and custom post meta. This combination of tools makes creating this type of site a snap for the non-programmer. What used to take reams of PHP code to create can now be done point and click — drag and drop. This seminar covers the aspects of skin management in Thesis 2.

    We show how to install and preview a skin and how to use the skin selector interface.

    Thesis and The Future of DIY Web Design

    Then we talk about how to update a skin and what the updates do. From there we show how to use the skin manager to backup, restore, export and import skin data and, finally, how to copy and export a full skin. It teaches the main concepts you need to know to effectively use the Skin Editor. The Thesis 2. In this series we look first at the new interface and then step by step work our way through the process of altering and styling the default Thesis Classic skin that comes pre-installed.

    In celebration we held a party and looked at all of the new features of Thesis 2. We discuss how to work your way through the interface, how to change templates, how to style various elements of a page and how to create custom sidebar configurations. We demonstrate how to add full width background images, how to customize the front page template and how to add full width sliders to the skin. We also include demonstrations of a clickable header image and menu customization. These kinds of back-end changes come from an entirely new code base. In this seminar we examine that new code base and tackle a couple of customization tasks.

    Learn how to upgrade from a customized version of Thesis 1. In this seminar you will learn how to take an inventory of your site, use Thesis 2 built in functions to change the appearance of Thesis Classic and to migrate custom CSS and PHP. In this seminar we discuss all of the things you need to consider before you choose the shopping cart to sell your products. We start off by discussing your various options and then provide you with a detailed checklist.

    From there we compare that checklist to a list of 5 WordPress shopping cart plugins to help you decide which one is right for you. Unfortunately most tutorials demonstrating its use are either old and no longer applicable or are focused on developers. This seminar demonstrates the use of the New PayPal Sandbox system for ordinary website owners.

    Build a Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis 2.3

    In this seminar we go through all the basics of using Amazon S3. We cover the details of configuring User Permissions for a solopreneur and for a typical small business. We discuss the file system and show how to set yours up and how to set Permissions. We finish by showing how to add links to files and how to have them download rather than open. This seminar is a great place to start for beginning WordPress users.

    How to add content and how to customize both the appearance and functionality of your website. We highlight anything that is new in WordPress as well. You can think of the information in this seminar as reference material as you work on your site. WPEngine servers are dedicated to WordPress and it solves these problems — and many more! Why Bother with SSL? If you are trying to decide which theme, Thesis or Genesis, is best to use for your small business website then watch this public seminar where we compare Thesis to Genesis in 10 key areas. Learn all the basics of using WordPress 3. WordPress 3.

    You will come away with an understanding of how to add and manipulate images, videos and audio for your WordPress website. We take you through a live upgrade of our website and discuss best practices as we go along. We begin with an overview and then cover what to back up for your site, what to deactivate, an automatic update and then we test the upgrade. Follow along as we fix a hacked WordPress site and learn how to both prevent the problem from happening to you and what to do if it ever does happen.

    We give an overview of the process and then go through each of the necessary steps to fix the site. In the final part we discuss how to prevent your site from being hacked.