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The important thing to remember is that the more conflict you have, the easier it can sometimes be to keep the story focused and emotionally intense. The important thing to remember with this example is that the more conflict you have, the easier it can sometimes be to keep the story focused and emotionally intense — which will also lift pace and reduce the need for long descriptive passages, lengthy examinations of internal thought, etc. In other words, the most important thing is to construct a story that will benefit from that shorter word count, not be confined or restricted by it.

Remember that less is more when it comes to description.

So, when it comes to craft, my key tips when writing a romance story with a shorter word count are:. Interestingly, many of these tips also work for a story with a longer word count. What she meant was not to write a longer book, but write one that requires that longer word count. Write a book with a bigger story to tell. The most important thing to remember when writing any type of genre fiction, whatever the word count, is that no words should be wasted. Each and every one of them is important and should be doing something within your story, no matter how many or how few of them there are. She is currently working on another Willow Tree Farm tale, among other stories.

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She has also run numerous workshops on writing romance and has been a guest lecturer at Birkbeck University in London. Professional Writing Academy Follow. Supporting new talent: challenging online courses for serious writers who want to develop their skills to a professional level. Devised and taught by authors.

Less is more - how to write a romance short story or novella. Heidi Rice. Article uploaded by Mo Harber-Lamond. Writing Romance 28 October Test your potential as a writer Get feedback and support on how to complete your novel Broaden your palette of techniques and and add emotional tension to your stories Writing Romance. The important thing to remember is that the more conflict you have, the easier it can sometimes be to keep the story focused and emotionally intense Heidi Rice.

Only tell the reader exactly as much as they need to know. For example, if the setting is integral to the story, find ways to describe it in concise evocative ways using more than just what it looks like. How does this place smell, sound or feel, too?

Use dialogue and physical cues wherever possible to get your characters establishing, confronting and resolving their conflicts through their interaction with each other rather than in their internal thought. Writing Romance Begins: 28 October If you keep your reader guessing right up to the end, your book is sure to stand out from the crowd.

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The lovers, Buttercup and Westley, part after declaring their love and sharing a first passionate kiss. Rodents of Unusual Size , torture, and the scheming Prince Humperdinck.

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We wonder, Will these lovers ever overcome such obstacles? Spoiler alert: yes, they will.

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Another essential component to writing a great romance novel is having knowledge of and appreciation for the genre itself. Like every other genre, it has its own conventions, tropes, and nuances. Not every romance novel is a bodice-ripper. Understand why fans are drawn to this genre and keep their expectations in mind as you write. In the pages of fiction, readers find themselves, they find a sympathetic ear, they find solidarity.

I hope these three golden rules of romance fiction will help you get started and stay true to yourself and your readers. What insights can you share with fellow writers about trying your hand at romance novels? Which components of the genre do you find most essential? Let me know in the comments. Paige is an editor by day and writer by night.

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Good point, a romantic triangle is tension and twists by definition. No, I dont think one can guarantee a happy ending for such a scenario… but thats part of the fun. If you can resolve the love triangle, then youve accomplished a great and wondrous thing. You can mix any genres your heart desires. Thats the magick of writing, and what ultimately makes your book Your Own. After all, real life is more than just one genre all the way through. Life is romance, adventure, comedy and tragedy, etc. I doubt a love triangle will have a happy ending for all involved, as someone is going to be the third wheel—unless he or she finds love elsewhere.

There is definitely a difference between a romance novel and a novel with romance. Romance novels will include tropes, conventions, and themes that set them clearly within the romance genre, while novels of all other genres can include a romantic element in the story. There are ample examples in science and literature of romances between animals. Is it a reference to something, a joke, or simply bad grammar.

Excellent post — thank you. Strong characters are very much the key. Thanks for your comment.